Bespoke Options

Bespoke sofas designed for a contemporary home by ECOSOFA

Because we’re master upholsterers, every piece you buy from us is crafted by hand in our workshop. We hope the sofas you see on this site give you a flavour of what we do, but we’re also more than happy to create bespoke designs and one-off pieces subject to copyright. Just talk to us about how we can bring your ideas to life or send us a photograph or drawing. Telephone Gary or Wendy on 0115 9786699.

Browse over 15,000 fabrics in our Nottingham showroom with approximately 40 collections containing a minimum of 75% natural fibres (by weight) which allows Ecosofa to make our sofas using all natural paddings and comply with UK Fire Regulations.  The natural materials listed below, or any combination, will permit the use of an interliner and negate the need to use fire retardant chemicals.

  • Wool
    yarn spun from the coat of sheep
  • Linen
    fabric woven from flax yarns
  • Viscose
    any of a number of textile fibres made from wood pulp
  • Cotton
    a soft, white, downy substance consisting of the hairs or fibres attached to the seeds of plants belonging to the mallow family
  • Flax
    fibres from the stems of any herbaceous plant or shrub of the genus Linum,
  • Hemp
    the tough fibre from the coarse Cannabissativa plant
  • Cashmere
    a fine soft wool from goats of the Kashmir area
  • Silk
    the very fine soft lustrous fibre produced by a silkworm to make its cocoon
  • Jute
    a strong, coarse fibre from two East Indian plants, Corchorus capsularis and C.olitorious, of the linden family
  • Mohair
    Also called angora - the long soft silky hair that makes up the outercoat of the Angora goat

Over the past 50 years we have built up trading accounts with most upholstery fabric suppliers. Ask us to track down a design you love or bring us your own fabric.

Listed below are some of our suppliers offering a range of fabrics using natural fibres:

Alternatively the following companies supply fabrics using natural & man made fibres:

All of our designs can be tailored to suit you, whether you’d like to lengthen or shorten your seats, make your sofa longer or even create a corner arrangement.

Choose from a variety of stitching styles, including plain sewn, top stitched and self piped, or any combination.

Several combinations are available, including: pocket springs, horse hair, coir fibre, latex, feathers and wool.

Legs and feet
These are available in light, medium, dark or natural colours.

Making life easier
We can upholster all our models with detachable legs and/or removable arms to make delivery easier if space is tight. We can even manufacture sofas to come in 2 halves, bolted together on site.