Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to have my settee made a certain length between the arms to allow me to lie out on it?
    Yes, tell us the model and the size you would like and we will confirm the overall length of the sofa

  • I like one of your models but wish to change the stitching detail
    Yes, for example we can top stitch in place of piping and vice versa

  • Can I replace round feet with square feet

  • What is cattle loft?

    Cattle loft is cow hair bonded with latex

  • I want to have the feet polished to match the colour of my furniture at home
    Send us a sample and we can match as closely as possible
    or, we can supply in natural wood for you to stain

  • I like your Cadiz model but I would like it on legs as shown on the Mozart
    Any of our models can be made with legs as used on the Mozart and Alabama ranges
    Additionally, we can fit metal legs (polished and brushed steel)

  • Will my selected sofa fit through the door to my living room
    when this is likely to be a problem we can offer our models with detachable arms or we can build sofas in 2 sections which can be bolted together in situ. Those models with legs can be adapted to allow removal of the legs which often allows easy access

  • I have an allergy to horsehair
    we can use alternatives on selected models

  • I like to sit in my chair and curl my feet up – can I have it made wider
    our 1.5 seater chairs (Snuggler) should fit the bill

  • Can you dispose of my old furniture
    Yes – there may be a charge

  • I would like protective arm caps
    Yes – no problem

  • I have a favourite chair that I would like reupholstering to match my new Ecosofa
    Send us an image of your chair and we will quote for stripping back to the bare frame and upholster using ecosofa fillings and fabrics. If your chair requires polishing this can often be matched to the selected feet on your new sofa

  • Can I supply my own fabric
    Yes – so long as your choice is suitable and fit for purpose (we can advise)

  • How do I clean my upholstery
    Regular vacuuming and turning of your cushions will help. Keep pets off and out of directly sunlight. Each fabric supplier will have recommendations – we would suggest using professional cleaners.

  • How can I pay
    We will require a deposit by credit card or bank transfer when placing the order and the balance becomes due 5 working days before delivery

  • How much will it cost to have my furniture delivered
    Once we know the selected pieces of furniture and have postcode details we will quote for two-man delivery

  • How long is delivery
    We hand build the frames and upholstery; we do not mass produce or keep stock. Typical lead time would be between 8-12 weeks.

  • How can viscose be a ‘natural’ fabric
    This surprises many people – viscose (or rayon as it is also known) is made from wood pulp and classed as a natural fibre

  • Can I have higher back cushions on my sofas and chairs

  • I am short but my partner is tall – can we have matching chairs made of different sizes

  • I have an old sofa and chair I would like reupholstering with eco fillings and fabrics but would ideally wish to have two sofas
    We can make your chair into a sofa
    We can make your sofa longer or shorter
    We can make new pieces (sofas or chairs) to match and create a suite from one chair (please send images)

  • I would like the Cadiz as a Corner Group – is this possible?
    Yes – the Cadiz, Quorn, Eden and Mozart modes can be made as corner groups for most sizes. Send us a plan with your measurements and will we provide an estimate.

  • My cat has a habit of scratching my furniture – is there anything I can do to protect it
    Unfortunately there are no fabrics that are cat-proof; I know this to my own cost!

  • I notice that the Alabama is a 3 seater with 2 cushions – can I have 3?

  • My sofa will be sat on a wooden floor; what can I do to stop it scratching
    Legs and bun feet can be fitted with either felt pads or small metal glides

  • Can any model be made with loose scatter back cushions
    Yes – on sofas and corner groups this is a popular option. It does not work on single chairs or 2 seater sofas.