We may occasionally have to use composite wood on certain parts on some of our models; these can be sealed with eco passivating primer if required.

We are now able to offer our designs using organic fillings upon request.

Organic Materials Option

Our FSC timber frames are hand built using water based adhesives and polished with 3 layers of natural wax. The frames are prepared using jute webbing and hessian, before adding springs and organic fillings. Our back and seat cushion interiors are a blend of latex, coir, flax, hair and wool. We can supply these in soft and firm densities.

As a guide; organic filling will add between 15% and 25% to the cost depending on the model selected.

We are also able to offer our most popular choice of back cushion using an organic twill case and filled in channels with wool. Our 55 years of experience using different cushion fillings tells us that all loose filled back cushions will need ‘plumping up’ and we have found that using channels allows easy access to each compartment enabling you to remove and re-tease the wool. This will make your cushions last and look good for longer.

Natural Fibres

We’ve created our EcoSofa collections using natural, sustainable materials. They’re kinder to the environment, and to our bodies. Some, like coco fibres, are by-products that would otherwise be wasted. Instead, we give them a whole new purpose. Frames are constructed from FSC certified timber and water based glue.

Why natural fibres?  -  Our skin needs to breathe to control our body temperature and humidity. By their nature, plant and animal fibres like cotton, coir and wool help this process to happen, keeping us comfortable.

Horsehair  -  Horsehair is incredibly resilient, with great ventilating properties. It’s used by high quality bedding manufacturers and upholsterers to create excellent durability and comfort.

Coir  -  Coir comes from coconut husks and has fantastic ventilating properties, as well as helping manage temperature and sound. The fibres are also very strong and elastic, so they add great durability too.

Wool  -  Because virgin wool curls naturally, it gives upholstery comfortable volume. It’s a good choice for allergy sufferers because it absorbs 30 times as much moisture as polyester, stopping the fungal growth that house mites feed on. It also has naturally low flammability.

Cotton  -  Cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre, thanks to its softness, breathability and ability to keep us cool.

Latex  -  Natural latex comes from rubber trees and is the most naturally durable cushioning available. We use it to bind materials and give our sofas exceptional resilience and comfort. It’s extremely soft and supportive, helping control pressure and temperature. It’s also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant – ideal for allergy sufferers.

Feathers -  Our feather cushions are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-ToxR Standard 100.


If you have any allergies to any of our natural fibre paddings, please let us know and alternative combinations can be used on many of our models.


Our models are filled with natural fibres, we do not use any chemical flame retardants, or brominated fluorides and we only use non toxic water based adhesives, combined with a natural fabric to give you the purist upholstery possible.