Drop End Sofa Re-Built

Making our ecosofas is relatively easy compared to re upholstering this drop end victorian sofa.

To say the frame was wobbly would be an understatement, the arm was completely detached from the rest of the sofa, and that nearly fell apart as the old cover was being removed. Slowly the transformation took place using horse hair, layered flock, coir fibre, latex rubber and wool and now it is back to how it was originally over 100yrs ago. Remember this was how all upholstery was made in those days, a far cry from the modern methods used by the majority of upholstery companies today, and how long will a sofa built today last? Our customer has just been and inspected it and was delighted, so delighted she dosn’t want anyone to sit on it .(rather defeats the object of having it restored) Just about to start on our next new ecosofa with removable arms for easy access.