This Months Interesting Projects

This month’s interesting projects have included making for a designer’s personal use a small sofa upholstered in nettle fabric. Don’t worry it doesn’t sting, it is made from 25% nettle fibre & 75% wool. It is supplied by Camira fabrics in their second nature collection. It should also wear very well with a rub test of 50,000 cycles.

That was followed by a customer asking us to make a traditional sprung cushion, as her original one had started to feel uncomfortable after 40 years use!. To do this we bent the steel rod around her existing cushion shape before covering the frame in wire mesh to make the top side. This process was then repeated for the underside. We then hand stitched the coil springs to the mesh section, taking care to space the springs evenly, before turning it over and duplicating the process to the other end of the spring. Hessian was then sewn in place over the framework, and then horse hair applied to the top & bottom area’s. This was then wrapped in wool flock including the edges. A new piped cushion case was then made to finish the job. ( remember that if the cushion is wider at the front the zip at the rear will have to continue along the sides of the cushion, as the new inner cannot be bent or folded like a  foam cushion)

We have also recived an order for a sofa to be made with removable arms & back & seat, making four sections in total. It is to fit through a hatch in the roof for a teenagers relaxation room. Now making removable arms is easy but a bit more thought has had to go into the back & seat request. Having thought it through we drew a frame plan to scale, and happy it will fit through the hatch and result in the correct finished size sofa, We can move onto constructing the frame.